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Water pitcher Geyser Aquarius

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- Cartridge with Katalon material (100% -protection against viruses) 
- Convenient lift-up lid
- Cartridge life for 300 liters
- Non-slip handle and balanced center of gravity
- Hermetically sealed cartridge installation system
- Mechanical life indicator

Geyser Sirius – filter jug for tap water treatment and water from wells.

Jugs are made of high quality German plastic material suitable for food contact. The filter cover has a special valve, through which water can be poured without removing the cover.

The non-slip handle enables convenient hand grip. The Geyser Aquarius set includes Cartridge 501 for filter jug made of unique material, Katalon, ion-exchange resin and cocoa carbon black.

Removes rust, dissolved iron, organic compounds, heavy metals, chlorine and other impurities. It contains silver in insoluble active form, which prevents bacterial growth.

The cartridge is screwed into the inlet hopper of the jug to provide a hermetic seal and eliminate entrainment of raw water into treated water.


  • Blue color
  • Total jug volume - 3,7 liters
  • Inlet hopper volume - 1,4 liters
  • Useful volume - 2 liters
  • Life 300 liters (depending on water harness)
  • Treated water temperature max. +40 °С
  • Treatment flow rate 0,4 to 0,2 liter/min.
  • Treated water temperature: cool
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