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Drinking water filters

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Geyser filters in Bulgaria and EU
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  • 10 years life time
  • Degree of purification 0.0001 micron
  • Protection against bacteria and infections
  • Water doesnot require boiling
  • Installation in 1 hour
  • Fully automatic system

Filters are at an affordable price

Convenience and comfort

With ordinary filters for hard water it is important to change your cartridges on time, otherwise, incrustation will appear on the kettle and the dishes. The Geyser system combines the high quality of filtering and convenience: the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane is ten times higher than of ordinary cartridges, and therefore, servicing the filter will require less time and fewer efforts.

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Life-giving water

The patented technology of adding micronutrients to the water allows to obtain the water which is not only delicious but also good for your health. The mineralizer contains ecologically pure components. The mineralizer contains ecologically friendly components.

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Membrane pores are 0.0001 µm wide, which is 750,000 times thinner than a human hair. Only water molecules can pass through; all admixtures, heavy metals and hardness salts, bacteria and viruses will be drained.
The company has been manufacturing reverse osmosis systems for more than 15 years, therefore, this is a time- and experience-tested technology. Only Geyser Company gives a three-year warranty for the filter.

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How to choose a water filter?

To be sure that you need to use a filter for drinking-water, think what harmful substances can get into your organism and organisms of your relatives with a tap water. Even if the water seems clean, it can contain invisible to the eye harmful elements, which accumulate in the body and lead to different medical problems. Here are some of these elements:
  • Iron
    Excess of iron in the organism can influence the blood composition and cause allergic reactions. Besides, iron can accumulate in human organs and muscles.
  • Manganese
    If body contains too much of this element, it can lead to anemia and influence central nervous system badly.
  • Chlorine
    Can cause decrease in immunity, allergy, bronchial asthma, cardiovascular system problems, atherosclerosis and also cancer.
  • Fluorine
    Excess of this element is dangerous to the people and leads to fluorosis. On dental enamel can appear spots, also bone tissue become deformed, tooth attachment apparatus suffers, etc.
  • Bromine
    Too much bromine it drinking-water leads to the problems with central nervous system. Also it can cause bromoderm – enanthesis on skin.

Pitcher filters – represent the most simple and least expensive water treatment option. These filters are small, easy to transport and have fairly large output capacity. You can use this filter to produce filtered water even on camping trips.

Stationary filters – are installed to water pipes in the kitchen. They come in small sizes and can be easily installed under the kitchen sink. These filters are very productive and help to clean water thoroughly

Reverse osmosis systems – use special membranes that remove any harmful admixtures from the water. These systems are effective even with very dirty water.

Nano-membrane filters – function as reverse osmosis filters but unlike the latter the membrane not only helps purify the water, but also retain the natural salts that are beneficial to your health.

About companies "Geizer" and ECO VODA LTD

GEYSER has been manufacturing filters since 1986 and is the leader on Russian market of water filters. The company has R&D department, which includes a research team and lab department with an analysis labs, a design bureau and a modern manufacturing facility making products of thermoplastic and reactoplastic. New partners are attracted by the company’s impeccable reputation, high quality of products, strict adherence to warranty guarantees, flexible payment schedules, and mobility of deliveries.
ECO VODA LTD is the only official dealer in the Republic of Bulgaria
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ECO VODA Water filters in Bulgaria

EKO VODA Ltd., UIC: 203872714
Office: Republic of Bulgaria, BURGAS City, Lazur
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