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Cartridge Aragon 2 BIO

29.2 €

Aragon 2 BIO is a composite material based on Aragon BIO material and ion-exchange resin, significantly increasing the water softening capacity . This material is designed for water filtration and has the following characteristics:

  1. Extended lifespan: Thanks to the higher amount of ion-exchange resin in the cartridge, Aragon 2 BIO operates for a longer duration, removing mineral salts from the water.

  2. High purification level: This material effectively removes harmful pollutants, including hepatitis A viruses and rotaviruses.

  3. Water softening: Aragonite enriches water with easily absorbable calcium.

  4. Scale protection: It prevents scale formation associated with hard minerals in the water.

  5. Dissolved iron removal: Besides salts, Aragon 2 BIO also removes dissolved iron.

If you need a water filter, Aragon 2 BIO is an excellent choice for improving water quality in your household.



Important features:

  • Leak protection – enables complete retention of impurities removed;
  • Quasi-softening - aragonite structure of hardness salts reduces the amount of scale, and water becomes saturated with useful calcium


  • Treated water temperature +4...+75°С
  • Filtration flow rate max. 2-5 liters/min.
  • Life max. 7000 liters.
  • Aragon 2 BIO is available for shells with the Geyser trademark, height 10 inch, with threaded cover. These cartridges can be fitted to shells as per Euro standard using a seal connector ‘I’.
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