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Reverse osmosis Geyser Prestige 12.7 M

206.7 €
245.6 € Buy

  • The kit includes a mineralization unit
  • Reliable shell that can endure pressure drop of max. 25 bar
  • Ideal for treatment of water with high hardness level
  • Retains 100% viruses
  • Reverse osmosis membrane with extended life
  • 3-stage pretreatment, including two stages with quality grade extruded activated carbon
  • Extended warranty of 10 years for 0.5 euros

Water treated using Geyser Prestige filter is similar for its properties to water from thawing ancient glaciers, which is recognized as the most environmentally friendly and useful for humans.

Reverse osmosis technology used in the Geyser Prestige filter includes water filtration through a semi-permeable membrane.

Membrane pour size is so small that only water molecules can pass through. Molecule size of most impurities and bacteria and viruses are much greater than that of the water molecule, therefore other molecules cannot pass through the membrane.

The kit includes a mineralization unit  to saturate treated water with trace elements.

A tap with two valves provides water with minerals (should you like to have a glass of water enriched with useful trace elements) or without these (to make tea). Tea made using absolutely clean water will taste much richer and aromatic.

The system operates under pressure from the water supply pipeline, of min. 3 bars.

Water treatment stages with the Geyser Prestige filter:

1. Pretreatment (water preparation aimed at extended filter service life). Life max. 12 months depending on water quality:

  • Sediment Cartridge РР5-10SL – removes insoluble solids, greater than 5 micrometers (rust, suspended solids)

  • cartridges CBC 10-10SL (resource up to 10,000 liters!) - carbon block made of high-quality coconut activated carbon. When replacing this cartridge, if you wish, you can install a cheaper analogue with a resource up to 4000 liters). 

2. Reverse osmosis membrane 1812-50 GPD – removal of all impurities, including bacteria and viruses. Life 1 to 3 years (depending on raw water quality).

3. Carbon post filter ILB-GAC-1/4'' (activated carbon) – improves taste related properties of water. Life 12 months.

4. Mineralization unit В (RO) – can enrich filtered water with trace elements. Life 12 months.


  • Water container shell overall dimensions, max: 430*410*150 mm. Tank 260*360 mm
  • Water temperature 4 to 40 °С
  • Treatment flow rate 200 l/24 - hour period
  • Operating pressure from 3 bars
  • Collection tank volume 12 liters (water volume in collection tank represents 40 to 70% of its volume, depending on the water supply piping pressure).
  • 3-year guarantee.

Delivery options:

  • Shell with filter elements integrated in the device
  • Collection tank valve
  • Collection tank, 12 liters
  • Clear water faucet No. 7
  • Drain flow limiter
  • Check valve
  • High pressure switch
  • Drain hose with a clamp
  • T-piece (adapter) with a water feed valve
  • Tubing JG 1/4''
  • High pressure switch
  • Solenoid valve
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