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ProductsСartridges → Cartridge CBC 1-10SL (resource up to 10000 liters)

Cartridge CBC 1-10SL (resource up to 10000 liters)

13.9 €

Made in Thailand! 

Not made in China - water purification from cartridges from Thailand is 9 times more effective.

Съдържа сребро.

Cartridge CBC 1-10SL made of top quality cocoanut activated carbon via the carbon-block technology to ensure deep water treatment and removal of chlorine, organic and chlorinated organic compounds. 


Removes unpleasant odor and improves water taste. 


  • Treated water temperature 4 to 53°С (recommendable max. 30 °С)
  • Life max. 10000 l
  • Pore size 1 micrometers
  • Filtration efficiency , min. 85%
  • Typical sizes (height/diameter), SL 10” (Ø 73 mm)
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