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Reverse osmosis Geyser Prestige Smart 12.3

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Overall dimensions of the water purifier body assembly without tank, not more than, mm. 352x268x91

The total volume of the storage tank (the volume of water in the storage tank is up to 70% of its volume), l: 12

Productivity (depends on water pressure and temperature), l/day: up to 200

Working pressure, atm: 3 - 7

Warranty 2 years


Water, pure from the Geyser Prestige filter, is close in properties to topenate water on the ancient glacier, which is recognized as hi-ecological and useful for horat.

Reverse osmosis technology, used in the Geyser Prestige filter, and water filter pres a semi-permeable membrane.

Dimension on the pore on the membrane sa sensibly small, which preminates the self-water of the molecule. Dimension per molecule for every impurity, such as bacterium and virusite, and significantly less water molecules, so they do not preminate the membranate.


Delivery set:

  • Filter bracket complete with cartridges;
  • Tap for clean water No. 3;
  • Connecting tube 1/4” (green, blue, red);
  • Valve adapter;
  • Plastic storage tank 12 l.;
  • Storage tank valve;
  • Instruction;
  • Package.
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