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Drinking water filter Geyser Euro

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The smallest water filter.Overall life 3 000 l


The mixer tap is not included in the Geyser Euro filter set.

Geyser Euro is used for aerator taps. Water flow switch over is done via a diverter switch (to either filtration or washing mode).

The nozzle is complete with a filter cartridge made of Aragon material that provides high quality water treatment while removing carcinogenic and organic compounds, chlorine, iron, heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides and microorganisms. Improves water color, taste and odor.

This filter will suggest when replacement or regeneration is to be made, due to its self-indication feature – sudden drop of clean water pressure head.


  • Treated water temperature from 4 to 40 °С
  • Optimum filtration flow rate 0, 5 l/min.
  • Operating pressure, min. 0,5 bar
  • Life between regeneration cycles 300 to 500 l
  • Overall life 3 000 l

Delivery options

  • Filter assembly
  • Filter element Aragon
  • Adapter coupling 22 x 24 (for outlet with inner thread)
  • Operating manual
  • Package
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