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Drinking water filter Geyser 1UZ Euro

In stock
45.1 €

  • Supplied complete with a cartridge made of the Aragon material; simultaneous water treatment by three methods: mechanical treatment, sorption and ion exchange
  • Reliable enclosure that can endure pressure drop of max 25 Bar
  • Compact design
  • Can be fixed on the tap

Unique cleaning system:

  • Cartridge Aragon 2 (resource up to 25000 liters)

  • Removal of all harmful impurities, including viruses and bacteria
  • Water desalting
  • Full protection against harness salts that result in scale deposition
  • Removal of soluble iron
  • Anti-dump property - impossible entrainment of retained impurities back into water
  • Protection via silver in insoluble form to prevent bacterial growth inside the filter
  • Simultaneous treatment of water via three methods: mechanical treatment, sorption and ion exchange.
  • Treatment efficiency vs. chlorine approx.  100%
  • Possibility for complete multiple recovery of filtration performance of the Aragon material via simple regeneration in home setting


  • Treated water temperature from 4 to 40 oС
  • Recommended filtration rate, max. 1.5 l/min.
  • Life of Aragon cartridge, max. 7000 liters (depending on the properties of raw water), with individual regeneration cycles, max. 25 000 liters.
  • Operating pressure, min. 0.5 bars.
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