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ProductsСartridges → Cartridge CBC Ag 0,6-10SL (resource up to 10000 liters)

Cartridge CBC Ag 0,6-10SL (resource up to 10000 liters)

13.9 €

Made in Thailand! 

Not made in China - water purification from cartridges from Thailand is 9 times more effective.

Съдържа сребро.

Cartridge CBC Ag 0,6-10SL made of top quality cocoanut activated carbon via the carbon-block technology to ensure deep water treatment and removal of chlorine, organic and chlorinated organic compounds. Certified by the American association NSF.


Removes unpleasant odor and improves water taste. Silver added to the cartridge CBC Ag 0,6-10SL prevents growth of retained microorganisms.


  • Treated water temperature 4 to 53°С (recommendable max. 30 °С)
  • Life max. 10000 l
  • Pore size 0,6 micrometers
  • Filtration efficiency , min. 85%
  • Typical sizes (height/diameter), SL 10” (Ø 73 mm)
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