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ProductsAdditionally → Cartridge PP5-10SL for water filter

Cartridge PP5-10SL for water filter

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Replaceable cartridges have identical connection dimensions, these are interchangeable and be installed on any Geyser filter jug (and via the use of adapter – to the jugs from different manufacturers).


Cartridge 501 for softened water has five treatment stages:

  • Material Katalon removes iron, heavy metals, organics and chlorinated organic compounds, bacteria and viruses
  • Iion-exchange resin - removes dissolved impurities
  • Quality cocoanut carbon removes chlorine, organics and chlorinated organic compounds; eliminates unpleasant smell and taste of water
  • Silver in insoluble metal form to inhibit the vital functions of pathogenic bacteria
  • Mechanical last stage filter prevents entrainment of filtrate into treated water.

Now Geyser jugs also include the material Katalon to protect you 100% against viruses!


  • Treated water temperature max. 40°С
  • Recommendable life: 3 months
  • Life: 300 l
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