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Cartridge PP5-10SL for water filter

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The Cartridge with Catalon material protects against viruses 100%


Cartridge 501 for softened water has five treatment stages:

  1. Material Katalon removes iron, heavy metals, organics and chlorinated organic compounds, bacteria and viruses
  2. Iion-exchange resin - removes dissolved impurities
  3. Quality cocoanut carbon removes chlorine, organics and chlorinated organic compounds; eliminates unpleasant smell and taste of water
  4. Silver in insoluble metal form to inhibit the vital functions of pathogenic bacteria
  5. Mechanical last stage filter prevents entrainment of filtrate into treated water.


  • Treated water temperature max. 40°С
  • Recommendable life: 3 months
  • Life: 350 l
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