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Reverse osmosis Geyser Prestige-2

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Maximum treatment rate for water with high hardness level
- High capacity membrane (max 400 l/24 hrs)
- 100% filtration rate for viruses and bacteria
- Size 5 times smaller compared to the standard reverse osmosis systems


Reverse osmosis process applied in the Geyzer Prestige-2 Filters includes water filtration through a semi-permeable membrane.

The pore size of this membrane is so small that only water molecules can permeate through it. The molecule sizes of most impurities, as well as bacteria and viruses are much bigger than water molecules; therefore these cannot cross the membrane.

Stage of water treatment using the Geyzer Prestige -2 Filter:

  • Pre-filter, sorption stage: pretreatment of water based on multi-component content. Cycle life – max 6000 l or max 12 months (depending on raw water quality).
  • Reverse osmosis membrane 2012 -100-GPD – removal of all impurities, including bacteria and viruses. Cycle life – 1-2 years (depending on raw water quality).

A dedicated pre-treatment package developed to enable treatment of water with high level of hardness salts and dissolved iron.


  • System overall dimensions, [mm]: 345 x 145 x 95
  • Water temperature range 4 to 40 deg. C
  • Capacity (depending on water pressure and temperature in the main water pipeline) max 400 l/24 hours
  • Operating pressure: 3 bar
  • Guarantee period: 3 years

Delivery Options

  • Pre-treatment module
  • Membrane module
  • Membrane Vontron ULP1812-100 GPD
  • Drain line flow restrictor
  • Drain line bracket
  • T-piece adapter
  • Plug valve, inlet
  • JG tubes
  • Clear water tap
  • Check valve, 2-off
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